In 2015, we formed the first (and only) rowing club on the island of Exuma. Our mission being to open new
opportunities to the youth of Exuma through a new (to the Bahamas) and dynamic sport. Through doing this
they also learn how to work in a competitive team environment, how to solve problems as a collective and as
individuals, while becoming fitter, healthier versions of themselves.

The next phase of Skullers Rowing will be a move towards the rapidly growing discipline of Coastal Rowing. Coastal Rowing is ideal for the development of the sport here in Exuma due to our lack of protected bodies of water. We are positioning ourselves to put our island and club on the forefront of coastal rowing, not just in The Bahamas, but in our region. This is especially important given recent announcements from World Rowing and the IOC regarding the future of our sport. In 2026 the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Senegal, Africa and due to their being no Olympic rowing courses in Senegal, the rowing discipline will have to be Coastal. It is also becoming increasingly likely that we will see Coastal Rowing be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics. It is our mission to have Exumians take their place at these events and become a model for other islands to follow.

Recently we have seen international success at the 1st Annual America’s Cup Coastal Championship with Andrew Bowe winning Gold in the U19 Men’s Solo, Destiny Rolle winning Bronze in the U19 Women’s Solo and both athletes winning Gold in the U19 Mixed Double. This achievement marked the first time a Bahamian has won medals at a World Rowing event.

Other clubs may say that they’re the only ones who have produced elite level athletes, but the proof is in the results.